Small Air Compressors

31_nmcpics_079_079944PK_IT_IMAir Compressors

Great thing are to be said about small air compressors. the plus side is they are oil less. wen used with air brushes and you don’t need oil on.

They can be tiped on its side and won’t hurt it and still will run. Some small air compressors can be pluged in to you’er power supply in you’er car or cigeret lighter.

I Emergency low tire or that beach toy that needs air or that sports ball that need air so kids will be happy.

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Impact Driver

69_datafeeds_250x250_e8d66af6_2c98_4b3c_8f3b_33432de14f3c16 Piece 3/8 drive stubby drive set impact hex driver set

If you have an air impact or a cordless impact. This drive set will give you great use and every do it your selfer could use one.

You Have metric and american sizes. If you’ve ever brused your knuckles trying to work a nut loose, you’ll appreciate the power and simplicity of an impact wrench.

Its important to wear safety glasses

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Mini Air Compressors

28_fcd37cbdb5bd09179db4603463a7201ce90c54b9b8b2293aa85554aa2d8d3f56_800_800This is a great mini air compressor for people on the go with kids balls or air mattres or beach toys.

Or that low tire. Light witch mite cone in handy.Features emergency flaslh light air compressor, air gauge, vehicle power source plug, and 3 nozzle adapters. Measures 10-1/2″ x 5-7/8″ x 4″. Gift boxed.

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DUAL Action Sanders

39_datafeeds_250x250_a95258c5_6993_4ddf_b80f_63e2687b5f69Dual action sanders are used in body work and can be used on wood or what ever you have to sand. This is also called a jitterbug

or a in line sander if you have to shape some thing this is the tool.this dual action sander order one up and try it out.

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Hex Drivers

64_datafeeds_250x250_1d131d85_1ab0_40b5_8886_e738e782009dHex drivers are must have in any ones tool box . they come in 1/4 ” 3/8″ and 1/2″ with the power of impact drivers you should use hex drivers.

They come in 6 sided sockets so they don’t round off the nut and they don’t brake very easy . “A must have in every tool box.”

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air drills have great features

158_datafeeds_250x250_10a42b67_6d0d_4018_a193_a4e750793f50Reversible air drills some air-powered drills have built in adjustments so that you can very the speed.

In most cases controlled by the trigger just like an electric drill. other models have an adjustment screw

that although isn’t as convenient un less it’s on the drill .

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portable air compressors

29_datafeeds_250x250_32a3e99e_1249_49a4_a274_eb352bd34225PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSORS

Any compressors that features a compressor motor so mounted that they may be easily moved as a unit.

The advantage of a PORTABLE AIR COMPRESSORS set up is that your compressor will be ready to go at all tines.

just carry or wheel it to the job. don’t use extension cords whenever the electrical cord from the from your compressor

doesn’t reach an outlet move it so it can reach, and use a longer air hose. even small compressors can draw substantial current.

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random-orbit sander

48_datafeeds_250x250_a7c28d66_ffd4_47d3_80b8_2a8c1bf7127fRANDOM-ORBIT SANDER a type of sander that’s a hybrid of a disk sander and an orbital sander; it

combines the large swirling motions of a disk sander with the smaller orbits of jitterbug (orbital) sander.

Random- orbit sander of all the sanders out there the random-orbit sander is my choice.

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Air Drills


Air Drills

I was introduced to Air-powered in a production shop i worked with Ingersol rand air drills makeing high-end displays and fixtures for stores. Virtually every cabinetmaker in the shop  used one of these air drills instead of an elctric drill. Curious, I borrowed one and soon learned why they were so polular.

First, because it’s so much smaller like the Chicago Pneumatic Drills light-weight than an electric drills, an air powered drill fits in the palm of your hand. Second, the better fit means better control, since you’re not wrestling with the bulk and weight of an electric drill.

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Hex Driver

61_datafeeds_250x250_1c90df4f_ef21_459f_9cf4_6504c01824f4impact drivers


If you’ve ever busted  your knuckles trying to work a nut or a screw loss you will like the 3/8 dead blow impact driver.

They’re inexpensive and incredibly easy to use. Because of the impact involved, it’s importent to wear safety glasses whenever you use one; metal fragments can and do break off and go flying

in the air-take time to protect your eyes.

The hex driver is the best to use for frozen nuts and bolts just make sure socket fits tite so you don’t round of the nut or bolt and you will have the best luck so have fun with this impact driver.

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