Hex Driver

61_datafeeds_250x250_1c90df4f_ef21_459f_9cf4_6504c01824f4Impact Driver

If you’ve ever busted  your knuckles trying to work a nut or a screw loss you will like the 3/8 dead blow impact driver.

They’re inexpensive and incredibly easy to use. Because of the impact involved, it’s importent to wear safety glasses whenever you use one; metal fragments can and do break off and go flying

in the air-take time to protect your eyes.

The hex drive is the best to use for frozen nuts and bolts just make sure socket fits tite so you don’t round of the nut or bolt and you will have the best luck so have fun with this impact driver.

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Random-orbit sanders

Random-orbit sander

Of all the air sanders out there, the random-orbit is my favorite. Its unique sanding pattern lets you sand wood with almost total disregard to grain Because of this RANDOM-ORBIT SANDER. Are terrific for leveling joints where the grain of the parts is perpendicular ( like a frame and panel door).

Also random- orbit sanders chew through material fast, Whether it’s leveling a layer of automotive filler or smoothing a final coat of finish. Note: Always start a RANDOM-ORBIT SANDER with the disk in contact with the surface; doing otherwise can cause swirl marks.


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Air Drills Ingersoll Rand and Chicago Pneumatic Air Drills

Air Drills Ingersoll Rand And Chicago Pneumatic Air Drills.

I was introduced to Air-powered in a production shop i worked with Ingersol rand air drills makeing high-end displays and fixtures for stores. Virtually every cabinetmaker in the shop  used one of these air drills instead of an elctric drill. Curious, I borrowed one and soon learned why they were so polular.

First, because it’s so much smaller like the Chicago Pneumatic Drills light-weight than an electric drills, an air powered drill fits in the palm of your hand. Second, the better fit means better control, since you’re not wrestling with the bulk and weight of an electric drill.

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Impact driver Wrenches

ingersoll-rand impact driverINGERSOLL- RAND Impact Driver Wrenches

Impact Divers come in many different sizes and some with air, and some with battery. The battery power has come a long way they have enough torque to take of lug nuts of your car tire but the air

IMPACT DRIVER  WRENCHES . When the trigger is deppressed the out put shaft and scocket attached to it spin freely between 2,500 and 15,000 rpm. When the scocket meets resistance, a small

spring-loaded hammer strikes an anvil attached to the drive shaft. This moves the socket until the nut is free.

Safety Note: Make sure to use only impact-rated sockets with an impact: Standard sockets can’t withstand the precussion that these heavy-duty sockrts can,and thet’ll break and fly apart.

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Air Drills

164_datafeeds_250x250_e1b13e48_8b40_4ab0_aa20_a5c0d4befb5dAir Drills Small Size And Power.

If you have ever used an air dill most people like the size and power. Their compact size also makes it easy to ” get behind” the Air Drill and transfer your body  weight to drill for thoes heavy-duty boring jobs.

A typical Air Dril requires around 3 to 4 cfm at 90 psi. they’re also available with variable speed and keyless chucks. As with an electric driver, most air screwdrivers come with an adjustable clutch

that allows you to drive a screw flush with a surface without stripping out or breaking the screw.

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Air Compressor Combo Kit

28_fcd37cbdb5bd09179db4603463a7201ce90c54b9b8b2293aa85554aa2d8d3f56_800_800AIR COMPRESSOR COMBO KIT

This little air compressor is a great item for your car for traval and beach balls and any ball that needs air. It has adapter for thoes items and a

flash lite for if your stranded along side the road puting out  300 PSI.

This is a oil-less air compressor and tank less witch makes small and compact you could even fit in any of the small cars that are out their of today.

No need to carry a tire gage just lock the air hose on your valve stem and watch the air gage most tires take 35 to 40 PSI of air.

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Small Reciprocating Air Saws

107_datafeeds_250x250_4717e07d_0ea0_4ef5_9503_9294943a7f7fThe smallest reciprocating saw

On the market can be used in the place of a coping, saw for back cuting trim work or small curves on a piece of wood. It work for cuting ceramic tile with a carbide

blade. Air saws great for small places perfect to saw of large or small bolts, stuck screws and for body work ware  there’s no room to manuever Air saws can be used in lieu of a jig saw .air saw are

lite and easer to use so try one.

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Mini Air Compressors

portable air compressor kitMini Air Compressors

Mini air compressors are great for travel

Oil-less oil free “self-lubricated” mini compressors run without oil instead they use nonmetal pistons rings Teflon-coated parts and sealed bearings. Because of oil-less mini air compressors have a tendency to be loud.

Oil-less mini compressors are typical in cigarette lighter plug in type for cars for emergency low tire or the kids ball.Their’s no oil to splash around for lubrication you don’t have to worry about keeping an oil-less compressor level it can be used at almost any angle.


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Finishing Sander

41_datafeeds_250x250_521f07ef_28b8_4ca9_836b_40a746bcfd70Random-orbit finish sander.

Of all the finish sanders out their the random-orbit sander is my favorite. Its unique sanding pattern lets you sand wood with almot disregard to grain because of this, random-orbit sander are terrific

for leveling joints where the grain of the perpendicular (like a frame-and-panel door).

Also these Random-Orbit sanders chew through materal fast, weather it’s leveling a layer of automotive filler orsmootying a final coat of finish. Note: always start a Random-Orbit sander with the disk

in contact with the suface; doing otherwise can cause swirl marks.

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